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Photovoltaics connection

Complete solutions from 160 €.-

Solutions for cottage, houseboats, yachts, caravans and home. Based on the requirements we propose the best solution for you.

Of course systems are possible to connect with 12V (DC) or 230V / 50Hz (AC).

Offer photovoltaic sets:

Solar system BASIC:
Panel 40W, 12V 80Ah battery, controller Phocos 5A, connecting cable 2.5 mm 6 m.

Solar system BASIC +
Panel 80W, 12V 100Ah battery, controller Phocos 5A, connecting cable 2.5 mm 6 m.

Solar System STANDARD:
Panel 100W 12V 125Ah battery, controller Phocos 10A, connecting cable 4.0 mm 6m voltage converter from 12 to 230 (300W).

Solar system LUXURY:
Panel 2x 100W, 12V 200Ah battery, controller Phocos 30A, connecting cable 4.0 mm 12m memnič voltage from 12 to 230V (600W).

On your request it is possible to devise any other assembly which takes care of the production of electricity in the desired output.


Depending on the solar photovoltaic panel converts solar energy into electricity.
The photovoltaic panel is connected via a cable to the controller, which takes care of properly charging the battery.
From the battery can take energy most commonly 12V DC 24V possibly.
The battery can be connected to a voltage converter to change the voltage to 230V / 50HZ AC.

The involvement of professional installation is required.


Photovoltaics solutions

Our systems are capable of powering lighting for the entire cottage, radio, TV-SAT, PC, laptop, refrigerator, alarm, charge mobile phone and other devices.

Enjoy the comfort that you deserve.

Photovoltaics module with power 10 to 100WP.


Production of electricity using solar photovoltaic panels riešenia- nowadays is affordable and ecological.
System performance depends on the incident solar radiation directly to the panel. Size fotovoltaickéhp system is designed according to claims for consumption and operation of appliances.
Our solutions will make you stay at your cottage, cottage.