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Training takes place in the form of presentation
Duration 1 hour.
The date and time and place of the presentation you will find on this subpage.
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Advance circulators with backup









Today the new trends have shown that the importance of backup is very important and desired. So we decided to mention a few lines on our subpage.
Why backup circulator?
When a power failure heating system immediately shuts down. Household so immediately begins to cool.
For systems Solid fuel heating, advance circulation pump is an important part of the heating system. Just switch to safe mode can save the system from overheating and accident.
How many hours a pump can operate in safe mode?
By type circulator from 1 hour to 48 hours.
It depends on the system control unit for evaluation of emergency.
By capacity backup battery.



Advance circulators is all good which can cause system crashes and in frequent power outages. Circulation pumps maintain fuel overfill the object temperature (for some time) which is a big plus for added convenience in the home.


published 17.3.2015


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We offer solutions that can not buy elsewhere. 

Your requirements like to insert them into solutions that will give you the best. After all, every job We take this as a new challenge to continuously improve its services.
For correct selection of photovoltaic kits:
What appliances you use.
How do you use an object (permanent or seasonal).
For correct selection of heating:
Here it is important to know how many meters has your property.
a new building and with which it is built.
These are the older buildings / year of construction.
Current output type and heating.