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Heat pump SANYO


We offer modern, clean and reliable heat pumps Sanyo to their parameters, high durability and ease of operation offered the best way of heating your home.
The heat pump works on the opposite principle as your coolers.
Energy is taken from outside.

According to a source of energy production are divided:


Heat pumps AIR-WATER
Heat pumps  WATER-WATER


Our heating systems:


Heating capacity pumps  air-water : 

5,6 kW, 7,8kW, 9,5kW, 10,5kW, 13,5kW, 25kW.


Heating capacity pumps water-water : 

10kW, 12kW, 14kW, 18,5kW, 24kW, 29kW, 37kW


Heating capacity pumps ground-water : 

10kW, 12kW, 14kW, 18,5kW, 24kW, 29kW, 37kW

Why heat pump?

Entitlement to 22 hour low tariff!

The heat pump operates at a cheaper rate with saving you even more in heating costs.


The heat pump extracts hot water

When using a heat pump in series with double-acting boiler get the necessary energy for domestic hot water and heat for heating.

Setting required temperature

Setting target temperature has never been so easy. Our thermostats are most advanced and have many useful features including the ability to move the heating remotely from your mobile phone.

Long-term life of equipment

Sanyo produces heat pumps for more than 28 years and represents a large share of the market with what is one of the market leaders in sales. The pumps have advanced design in every respect and comply with the latest tredny.

Heat pump offer


Air soruce heat pumps







Water source heat pumps








Ground source heat pumps


  • high reliability
  • simple operation
  • low noise
  • easy to install
  • source of the air
  • high reliability
  • simple operation
  • almost no noise
  • pump from wells
  • source water
  • high reliability
  • simple operation
  • almost no noise
  • pump from wells
  • source is ground